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Would you like to join one of the largest industries in beauty and earn a great income? Eyelash extensions have become ever so popular nowadays making it difficult for clients to find available Eyelash Technicians. There is just never enough lash technicians around for the high volume of potential clients out there.

Types of Clients

  • Young Clients: The reason for the high demand for lash extensions for these clients are typically the awareness of social media trends and the need to keep up with these trends amongst the young society.
  • Mature Clients: You can benefit tremendously from these clients as they normally have more disposable income, and if their lashes are done correctly they could become one of your most loyal and regular clients. 
  • Clients with Sparse or Short Lashes: These clients obviously struggle to show off their natural lashes and often complain of feeling quite bald in the area, with the help of lash extensions this problem can be solved. For sparse natural lashes, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions can be recommended
  • Clients who have Special Events: Many of us, even the ones who do not normally use make-up prepare ourselves for special events or occasions by being photo-ready and one of the things that are commonly done are eyelash extensions. They give you a very full and flattering look.